Cover Works

Cover for the book "The secret common wealth" - Philipp Pullman - Suma - Companhia das letras

Cover for the prequel of Game of thrones "Fire and Blood" - George R.R Martin - Suma - Companhia das letras

"Life on mars" - Brazilian magazine Superinteressante

Cover for the book "O livro das sombras" - Philipp Pullman - Suma - Companhia das letras

"Bible" - cover Superinteressante - Grupo Abril

"The horns of Jericho" - Superinterressante

"Medieval legends" - cover Superinteressante - Grupo Abril

"Jonathan Strange and Mr.Norell" cover for the publisher Companhia das letras.

"A vez de morrer" - cover - Companhia Das Letras - Editora Schwarcz 

Matte Painting

"Réflexion" - Matte painting - Yoshimichi Tamura and Fabrice Senia - Planktoon

"Jack et la mécanique du coeur"  - Matte painting - Walking The Dog

"Jack et la mécanique du coeur" - Matte painting - Walking The Dog

 "Richard the stork" - Matte painting - Walking the dog

Personnal Project

Platypus - Personnal Project

The ending story - Personnal Project

Fofinho - Personnal Project

The journey of Francisco - Personnal Project

Tea-Time personnal project

Fishing in the sky - Personnal Project

Fenrir the encounter - Personnal Project

Deer cave - Personnal Project

Goblin - Personnal Project